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Walter joined the Oread in the early 1950's and, keenly enthusiastic, he rapidly became a first class mountaineer completing many notable climbs. A few of the most memorable times were the two Skye ridges with Jack Ashcroft , Brian Cooke and Jim Kershaw and weekends at the "Road Menders" in Llanberis with Ernie Marshall and others.

We had several Alpine holidays together and I well remember the time when we travelled to St. Nicholas on his Triumph Tiger twin. We stayed at the home of an old, bedridden guide in Taesch to whom we had to relate our exploits on our return from each trip which included the traverses Taeschhorn-Dom (Domgrat), the Weisshorn, the Zinal Rothorn via the Rothorngrat and the North ridge.
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David Penlington

Walter Richardson
1934 - 2002

07: Summit of the Dom 4545 meters in deeper than average snow conditions. Left of the cross are Strahlhorn and Rimpfischhorn, Monte Rosa summits behind the cross, Liskamm right of the cross. Jagged rocky triangle of Taeschhorn in front of Liskamm.
Summit of the Dom with Bernese Alps in background. 
Taken by Brian Richards