Climbing & Mountaineering Gallery 3

Walter Richardson

1934 - 2002

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Please let me know if you know the locations where the slides were taken.
e-mail with what the picture is off or where it was taken from, just include the number next to the picture.

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 Stanage Edge in Black Hawk area. Clearly visible behind the climber are two popular climbs called 1. Black Hawk Bastion and 2. Eliminator. The actual climb the climber is on is probably Black Hawk Traverse. The photo was taken from the area of Blizzard Chimney. All these are still very popular climbs today.
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Aig. de Blaitiere, Aig. du Grepon, Aig. des Grandes Charmoz, Aig. de la République from Glacier de Leschaux.

Charmoz/Grepon of the Chamonix Aiguilles in Chamonix, France. The spire of the Aiguille de la Republic is clearly visible to the right of the main summit massif. The picture looks as if it's been taken from a glacier which runs into the main Mer de Glace glacier which can be seen running along left to right beneath the mountains.
Lion Rock 1957?

Lion Rock was the scene of the first recorded attempts at rock climbing in Hong Kong, in fact, the first foray onto its walls in 1956 resulted in one fatality and a hasty retreat. The first climb was eventually established two years later by two British Army Officers.